Private Tuition

Ready to take things to the next level?

Meet Mark Mattinson, our resident PGA Teaching Professional.

Mark has decades of experience having taught golf all over the country, and is the man to see if you’re looking to take the next step in your golfing journey! 

All Mark’s lessons are tailored to individual ability levels, so whether you’ve never touched a club before in your life, or you need a few pointers before a competition, he’s here to help! All lesson prices also include the use of FlightScope swing analysis and GASP motion capture technology to analyse swing mechanics and further enhance the learning experience.

Lessons are available Monday – Saturday, with driving range, short-game and on-course options. Get in touch today to get started!


One-to-One Tuition Prices

Discounts available for juniors and Whitehaven Golf Club members. Gift vouchers also available.

Lesson cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance, otherwise a fee will be incurred.

1 x 30 minutes


5 x 30 minutes


5 x 1 hour



Book in for a course of lessons with our new Birdie & Eagle Tuition packages!  
Covering all areas of the game, get a completely tailored programme this off-season at incredible value!
For more information, send us a message through our contact page or contact Mark directly on 07811324110!


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Not at all! All lessons are tailored to individual ability levels, and Mark has years of experience coaching players from beginners to low-handicappers. We also have a range of clubs you can borrow during your lesson.

GASP Lab Analysis Video Software offers golfers the opportunity to analyse their movement as never before. The concept of the systems is to give the instructor the ability to pin point errors in pupils techniques and to show and compare pupils actions as well as improvements.

Flightscope is a state-of-the-art 3D tracking radar which displays the tracked golf ball throughout its entire trajectory including all golf swing data through and after impact, and offers  27 unique club, ball and swing based measurements. 

With this technology, the overall teaching experience cannot be bettered as the equipment gives an extra element of professionalism adding to the pupils enjoyment and knowledge and providing the instructor with sound evidence.

Absolutely! Mark is super flexible with his lessons, and is happy to accommodate wherever he can to any specific time requirements. 

This depends entirely on the needs of the individual. For beginners, all the basics will be covered, from grip and stance technique to phases of the swing, with these introduced progressively and broken down into simple and easy to understand concepts. 

For individuals with more specific needs, lessons can take place on the course and practice areas and can be tailored to focus specifically on an element of your game that you happen to be struggling with, such as short-game, putting and driving. 

Get in touch through our contact page, or you can contact Mark directly on 07811324110.